Newbiggin village history goes back many years and in 1204 King John granted royal rights to Hugh de Baliol who was joint regent of Scotland. Since 1730 the Freeholders of Newbiggin have held rights over the moor and can trace their history back to 1235.

Newbiggin Golf Club was conceived in 1884 when a group of local business men suggested to the freeholders that the Newbiggin moor should be used for the game of golf and our Golf Club has been a tenant to the freeholders for over 100 years.

An unusual activity takes place in the spring each year when any new freeholders are initiated by “Dunting” such persons on a special stone situated on the 8th Fairway followed by the riding on horseback around the bounds of their territory. This is a sight highly recommended to visitors.

The original wooden Club house was burnt down in 1921 along with all the golf records.

A new Club house was rebuilt on the same site again of a wooden structure with a bar, lounge and games room.

Unfortunately again tragedy struck for a second time in 1971 when fire destroyed the building.

brick Club house was built in 1973/74 and forms the basis of what we see today.