Srixon Z Star XV Golf Balls


Introducing the new premium Z Star XV from Srixon. This premium Tour golf ball has been designed to optimise the engine of the golf ball, the core. This core has then been combined with a new generation Spin Skin ensuing this ball delivers in performance spin control and distance.

This premium Tour Golf Ball also features:

  • New Third Generation Spin Skin Coating
  • New 338 Speed Dimple Pattern
  • New Dual Energetic Gradient Growth Core
  • Maximum performance with incredible feel
This ball has been designed with a Dual Energetic Gradient Growth Core which features a larger, softer inner core with varying hardness and an outer core with a more consistent hardness. This helps enhance launch conditions by increasing ball speed, higher launch angle and lower driver spin. This is essential to achieving longer distances off the tee.

In addition to having a higher launch angle and lower driver spin, these golf balls produce high ball speeds which create even more favourable launch conditions for exceptional distances off the tee.

Aerodynamic improvements have been made possible thanks to the new 338 dimple pattern. This pattern help improve the flight and performance, ultimately creating a superb ball flight. These dimples also help the ball to fly farther while maintaining a better flight in windy conditions by utilising the combination of dimple uniformity and dimple occupancy.

This ball is also equipped with 3rd generation spin skin coating. This skin is 13% softer than the previous generations while also generating more greenside and approach control because it features fewer urethane bonding points. Few bonding points results in the skin being more elastic and stretches across more of the club face during impact. This improves the amount of friction creating more spin. This skin coating also provides more consistent spin control on approach shots from any lie, especially the rough, allowing golfers to produces more scoring opportunities.


Srixon Z Star XV Golf Balls: White

All prices are per dozen.