Srixon Z Star Golf Balls


If you want a ball that offers Tour Performance with exceptional control, then look no further than the exceptional Srixon Z Star golf ball. This ball has been designed to take ball performance to the highest level. This is thanks to the application of the most advanced energetic gradient growth core technology combined with Srixon’s Spin Skin coating and speed dimple pattern. All this combined creates a ball that provides improved launch conditions, flight performance and approach spin control.

The Z Star Ball Features:

  • Lower compression Energetic Gradient Growth Core
  • More aerodynamic 338 Speed Dimple Pattern
  • Softer, more elastic Spin Skin coating
  • Outstanding Distance
The energetic gradient growth core technology allows the core to vary in stiffness from the soft to hard which maximises energy transfer, enhancing the launch angle and lower driver spin for incredible distance with the driver. The core is softer in the middle and gradually gets harder towards the edges which makes this ball feel soft at impact while generating incredible distances.
Aerodynamic improvements have been made possible thanks to the new 338 dimple pattern. This pattern help improve the flight and performance, ultimately creating a superb ball flight. These dimples also help the ball to fly farther while maintaining a better flight in windy conditions by utilising the combination of dimple uniformity and dimple occupancy.
This ball is also equipped with 3rd generation spin skin coating. This skin is 13% softer than the previous generations while also generating more green side and approach control because it features fewer urethane bonding points. Few bonding points results in the skin being more elastic and stretches across more of the club face during impact. This improves the amount of friction creating more spin. This skin coating also provides more consistent spin control on approach shots from any lie, especially the rough, allowing golfers to produces more scoring opportunities.


Srixon Z Star Golf Balls: White

All prices are per dozen.